Welcome to South Hills Church

Church was once an integral part of the American family life. As it was the center of the community, many of our nations leaders and artists got their start there. When tragedy struck, the church was the place people would turn to for comfort and hope. However, as our nation has moved to post modernism, the church has seen a decline in its influence in many arenas. So, why do we exist? If organized religion is seeing a decline in attendance and influence, what's the point? We believe that the Church that Jesus died for isn't declining at all. As a matter of fact, we are seeing growth in various parts of the world where the gospel wasn't welcomed in the past.

In 2016, a small group of 4 families began to pray about how they could effectively reach the South Hillsborough County region for the gospel. Their desire wasn't to start another ministry, but to be a part of a movement. They believed that the church was far more than brick and mortar and the number of people who attend. They believed that the Church isn't just an organization, it's also an organism that is comprised of every believer in Christ. They believed that Jesus is the head of both facets. As a result, they launched out in January of 2017 to become a part of the movement of Christ.

At South Hills Church, you will often here us say, "We're not like a family, we are a family." We exist for those who need a place to belong, whether they realize the need or not. Our heart is for those who are seeking God and trying to discover if He's real and cares about them. Our heart is also for families, the next generation, and marriages. We want to make disciples who make disciples.

Our Mission

To equip disciples who are unleashed to do ministry.

Our Vision

We believe that a relationship with Jesus changes everything. So, our vision is simple. Our vision is Jesus.

Our Strategy

We accomplish our mission by Gathering, Growing, Going, & Giving.